Welcome to The Danesgate Community

Welcome to our website.  I am proud to be able to introduce The Danesgate Community to you.

In April 2010 the Danesgate Community was formed.  The mission of the Danesgate Community is to provide children and young people who have social, emotional and mental health needs with a high quality education when they have struggled to succeed in another school.  Sometimes the young people who are referred to The Danesgate Community have been at a mainstream school, sometimes at an enhanced resource provision, sometimes at another special school and, in some cases, the young people in our care have not been able to access any school at all.  

The Danesgate Community serves vulnerable young people who may be in crisis or in need of specialist teaching to help them achieve.  Our school is for 5-16 year olds who are struggling to learn because of social, emotional or mental health difficulties and many of our pupils have additional learning or neurodevelopmental needs (especially atypical autism or attention difficulties).  

The Danesgate Community’s central campus is tucked away on Fulford Cross where the facilities include The Danesgate Centre, The Danesgate Skills Centre, a walled garden, a woodland conservation area and a sports field.  The Danesgate Community also has outreach intervention centres around the City of York designed for pupils who need a ‘half way house’ between a mainstream and specialist setting.

The Danesgate Community has 3 broad provision pathways.  First, ‘Danesgate’ which is our pupil referral unit provision offering outreach, part time and full time provision (if needed) to young people who are in need of support to maintain a mainstream school placement.  All ‘Danesgate’ pupils are on the roll of a mainstream school and access The Danesgate Community as guest pupils. Second, we offer ‘Danesgate Plus’ which is for young people with increasingly complex needs who need full time support either for a short, medium or long term period.  Pupils on the ‘Danesgate Plus’ pathway may need to be admitted to the Danesgate Community roll or have a dual registration with Danesgate and a mainstream school.  Finally, ‘Danesfield’.  Danesfield is the full time, specialist setting element of The Danesgate Community.   Pupils at Danesfield will hold an Education, Health & Care Plan and have been placed on the Danesgate Community roll by their local authority. 

The Danesgate Community is a unique, partnership provision.  Our aim is to provide young people in York and surrounding areas with positive opportunities to succeed and improve their chances of contributing to their wider community in a constructive and sustainable manner.

We are a ‘nut-free zone’! 

This is because there are some members of the Danesgate Community who have a severe nut allergy so we ask all staff, students and visitors to please not bring any nuts, or products containing nuts, into the site.  Thank you for your cooperation on this matter.