Y11 and Y12 Study Leave

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Study leave for Year 11s and Year 12s only will begin on the 21st May.  After this date they will just be in for exams or targeted revision sessions. 

Other year groups, where students may have early entry to exams and be sitting one or two exams in Y9 or Y10, carry on with their timetable as normal except for days when they have an exam.

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Timetable changes around exam time

Parents and carers of students in KS3 should all have received a letter explaining how we have had to make some changes to timings on the days when really big exams are scheduled. A lot of Y10s will actually be…

Yes, Chef!

I’m just letting you know I’ve almost completed my apprenticeship now and on my way to being a fully qualified Chef. It’s long hours but has gone really well. Thanks so much to you allR, Former Danesgate Student


Phil Taylor, our full-time Connexions worker who works with our KS4 students to support their next steps, was delighted to receive the above message from a former Y11!  We all wish them every success as they come to the end of their apprenticeship and continue in their chosen career.   

Our Science & Geography trip to Newcastle

On Thursday 8th March 2018, the snowiest day of the year, the Danesgate intrepid Geographers and Scientists set off on  an expedition to the North, where surprisingly there was no snow!  All the students demonstrated truly outstanding behaviour and we were exceptionally proud of them. 

We had an amazing time exploring Newcastle’s Centre for Life, where we watched “The Poo Show” in the Science Theatre, flew on giant bees in the 4D motion ride, explored the universe in the planetarium, tried out a bit of archaeology as we dug for  virtual dinosaur bones, investigated the brain and even carried out experiments including extracting DNA (whilst making sure we used appropriate PPE and safe working practices) in the chemistry lab.

Danesgate Art Exhibition at West Offices

The Danesgate Annual Art Exhibition will be held at West Offices, Station Rise, York and will include exciting paintings and sculptures from students from primary through to year 11.  There is a variety of subject matter that reflects the diverse interests the very talented students.  The opening night will be Friday 23rd March from 5pm to 7pm and the Exhibition will be on view from then until the 12th April.

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Closure due to snow 1.3.18

Sorry to have to close today.  The problem is that we are without a lot of staff who live outside of York and cannot get into work.  We are also heavily reliant on transport for pupils and this can get stuck or delayed which brings its own problems.  Thank you for your support and understanding.
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