Pupil Premium Funding

Pupil Premium – 2019/20

Secondary FSM, ‘Ever 6’ (any pupil who has been eligible for free school meals at any point in the last 6 years) attracts a premium of £1320 (R to Y6) and £935 per pupil (years 7-11) and children who have previously been in care attract a premium of £2300 per pupil.  For children currently in care (CLA)  the premium of £2300 per pupil is held centrally by the Local Authority’s Virtual School and allocation is linked to the Personal Education Plans for each pupil.

The Danesgate Community Pupil Premium allocation for 2019/20

At the January census 52.5% of Danesgate’s primary aged pupils and 45.3% of Danesgate’s secondary aged pupils were eligible for pupil premium based on the FSM Ever 6 calculation.  This led to a pupil premium allocation for deprivation of £99715.  We also anticipate pupil premium for children who are in care or who have previously been in care of £23000.  Total pupil premium anticipated allocation is £122715.

The Danesgate Community – barriers to learning

All pupils at Danesgate have significant social, emotional and mental health needs.  Further a high proportion have additional barriers to learning and some are classed as disadvantaged (45.3% of secondary and 52.5% of primary cohorts).  The key barriers linked to deprivation for our pupils are:

  1. Below age related performance when they join the school
  2. Gaps in literacy and numeracy due to breakdown in attendance and engagement in mainstream school
  3. Family support network often struggling to encourage good attendance and engagement and may not have had a good experience of education themselves.  There may also be concerns around eating a healthy diet and availability of uniform and personal care items.
  4. Low self esteem with regard to learning and the opportunities they could take advantage of
  5. Poor self regulation and associated social skills sometimes linked to adverse childhood experiences

The Danesgate Community – how do we use PP funding to reduce barriers to learning?

Our whole school investment and approach can be seen in the way we personalise learning and in the way we support families to make sure that no barrier that we can remove is left in place.

What is the impact of our investment?

In school attainment data shows diminishing gap and significant improvement in attainment figures over past 2 years.  Please see Outcomes document also available on our school website under the ‘Achievements’ section.

Pupil Premium Toolkit from The Sutton Trust

Source:  http://educationendowmentfoundation.org.uk/toolkit/

The Sutton Trust-EEF Teaching and Learning Toolkit is an accessible summary of educational research which provides guidance for teachers and schools on how to use their resources to improve the attainment of disadvantaged pupils.

Identified barriers (see numbered list above) Intervention Danesgate – plans for 19/20 Expenditure Sutton Trust Research  Average impact (months)
3, 4 Feedback to families Home visits one month into programme. £4000 +8
5 Meta-cognition and self-regulation Specialist behaviour teacher with caseload of students at off site venue weekly £30000 +8
4 Peer mentoring Not used this year   +6
1, 2, 4, 5 One to one tuition Enhancement of tuition for bespoke programmes.  From our core funding +5
3 Oral language interventions EFL translation service.  Also incorporated into 1-1 tuition provision above. From our core funding +5
1, 2 Phonics KS1 additional TA support £6000 +4
1, 4, 5 Small group tuition



Support of additional teacher for specialist subjects (Art, Science).  Vocational subject offer to small groups. £12560



4, 5 Behaviour interventions Our whole approach involves this From our core funding +4
3 Digital technology Oxford on line learning not being used this year +4
4, 5 Social and emotional learning Our whole approach involves this From our core funding +4
3 Parental involvement See home visits above, also half termly review days with a family focus, crèche provided for primary review days, taxi provided for parental transport if this is a barrier £2250 +3
1, 2 Reducing class size See small group comment above From our core funding +3
5 Animal therapy Country Classroom

Horse riding

Small animal unit on site

£9500 +3
4 Sports participation Individual swimming, gym sessions, trampoline and climbing lessons subsidised. Transport for additional adults to competitions. £6465 +2
3 Arts participation Additional teacher for primary and outreach classes. From core funding +2
5 Individualised instruction See 1-1 tuition above £9000 +2
1, 2, 4, 5 Teaching assistants Additional teaching assistants for CLA £18500 +1
3 School uniform Sweatshirts provided From core funding 0


Average impact (months) is estimated in terms of additional months progress you might expect pupils to make as a result of an approach being used in school, taking average pupil progress over a year is as a benchmark.