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I am proud to be able to introduce The Danesgate Community to you.

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The Danesgate Community was formed in April 2010.  The mission of the school is to provide children and young people who have Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs with a high quality education, positive opportunities to succeed and improved life skills to increase their chances of returning to mainstream school and contributing to their wider community in a constructive and sustainable manner.  Pupils at Danesgate are helped to develop their holistic needs when they may have struggled to succeed in another school.  Many of our pupils have additional learning or neurodevelopmental needs including Autism and ADHD.

The Danesgate Community is based at Fulford Cross where the facilities include The Danesgate Centre, The Danesgate Skills Centre, a single base unit for complex primary pupils, a walled garden, a woodland conservation area and a sports field.  The Danesgate Community also has outreach intervention centres sited in mainstream schools around the City of York. These intervention centres are for our Kestrel programme which is designed for pupils who require a short term provision to support them in their mainstream school.

The Danesgate Community has two main provision pathways:

  • Danesgate:
    This is the Pupil Referral Unit for the City of York. Pupils can be either single registered or dual registered with us.
  • Danesfield:
    This is the specialist setting for CYP with social, emotional and mental health difficulties. Pupils at Danesfield will have an Education Health Care Plan and have been placed on roll by their Local Authority. Some pupils may be dual registered but most pupils are single registered to Danesgate.

The Danesgate Community articulates its mission as follows:

Mission statements:

Strive, thrive, achieve

  • The Danesgate Community aims to help young people strive to develop positive behaviours and constructive attitudes and to overcome barriers to learning.
  • The Danesgate Community aims to provide young people with skills to overcome learning barriers for the future, in order that they can thrive in society
  • The Danesgate Community aims to teach young people to achieve academically and socially – all of our pupils have different starting points and experiences of school when they join Danesgate.

Equality of opportunity is at the heart of everything Danesgate does. We are committed to making sure that each student gets every last opportunity to achieve and be able to make a positive contribution to society in the future.

Chris Nichols, Interim Head Teacher

Due to Nut Allergies!

There are some members of the Danesgate Community who have a severe nut allergy so we ask all staff, students and visitors to please not bring any nuts, or products containing nuts where possible onto the site.  Thank you for your cooperation on this matter.