Beautiful Colour Poetry by Matilda


The following is the product of a lesson on using colour in descriptive writing and how colour can be evocative of emotion.

The White Crowned Sparrow

The pink rays from the rising sun

woke me from my deep sleep,

My eyes still red and swollen

from the emotion the night before,

I wandered sadly to the green marshes of Blakeney,

even the sight of my favourite spring flower

couldn’t lift my blue mood.

The heads of the white snowdrops hung heavily

and even the usual cheerful yellow and violet crocuses looked sad.

I laid down wearily on the dewy grass next to the grey grave stones and felt

sad for all the people who had lost their lives.

As I looked up at the stained glass window of the church I caught a glimpse

of the white crowned sparrow and suddenly felt peace once more.


Matilda S.