Examinations on 8.11.18 and 9.11.18

In the first week back after half term there are public examinations in English and Maths for a significant number of pupils.  These take place on the morning of Thursday 8.11.18 and Friday 9.11.18.

In order that we can accommodate all the pupils sitting the exams and run these examinations correctly we will need to use teaching rooms across the school. This will mean a change to the timetabled times for some pupils on these days.  We are very sorry to have to do this, but hope you will understand that we have no control over the timings of public examinations and we need to support the older pupils as they start to build up their set of qualifications.  

The changes we need to make are hopefully not too disruptive.  On Thursday 8.11.18 and Friday 9.11.18:

  • Pupils in Years 7, 8 or 9 who normally have lessons starting at 8.30am or 9am will have a delayed start time of 11am.
  • For pupils in Y10 and Y11 who are NOT sitting an exam there will be no lessons in the 8.30-11am slot but after that lessons will run as normal.
  • Pupils who ARE sitting an exam need to come in for a 9am start.
  • There will be no changes to the timetables for primary aged pupils.
  • Rossmoor Grange, Toolbox, Ad Astra and Rockschool sessions will run as normal on these days. 

Keyworkers will ring home after the half term holiday to make sure everyone is clear as to what is happening and to answer any queries.  If the amended times cause you any problems please let us know and we will do our best to make individual arrangements for your son or daughter.