Holocaust Memorial Day

Cover image of the 'torn from home' programme of events with clickable link to more information on the council website


On Wednesday 23rd January, staff and KS4 students took part in a city wide project as part of the Holocaust Memorial Day commemorations, entitled ‘Torn from home.’  Within this, students that study History, Citizenship and RS took part in discussing their meaning of ‘home’ amidst the plight of refugees and those threatened by persecution in modern international contexts.

The students reflected upon creative ways in which they could express the best meaning of home – and decided upon a poem of their key expectations in modern Britain.


Sitting down for dinner with family,
Being able to leave, sometimes getting five hours sleep!
Fire on, TV on, family gathered.  All is good.
XBOX and family,
Incense burning, roast in the oven,
Nan shouting at the TV watching EastEnders.

A PS4 and my dog,
My family – colouring, playing, eating, music, noise and fun,
Relaxed and comfy,
Sat with family watching TV,
Cooking for someone or people I love,
Whilst listening and singing along to music.

The safety of surrounding familiar objects,
And the sound of comforting voices and sounds,
Home is a safe haven,
Where we can relax and forget about our worries,
Laughing, chatting, dancing with my friends,
Or snuggling up on the sofa.staff and students of the Danesgate Community, 23rd January 2019

You can find out more about Holocaust Memorial day on the BBC Newsround website and read more about the ‘Torn from Home’ project here.  Thanks to Colin and City of York Council for providing an insightful and thought provoking session with our students.