How to empty your ‘stress bucket’

Drawn image of a grey bucket. It is filling up with raindrops coming from clouds, labelled 'Noise!', 'bullies', 'routines changed', 'when I can't do what I want', 'when my expectations have to change', 'when I can't get to sleep it affects the whole of the next day', 'worrying about problems from yesterday', 'being told to be quiet', 'when my dog leaves me', ' people messing with my stuff', 'having to wait' 'grumpy people', 'personal comments', 'my sister being a brat'. The water is draining from two taps at the bottom of the bucket into a puddle that contains the words and phrases 'having a shower', 'scrolling', 'being active', 'sleep', 'drawing', 'music', 'scuba diving'.We recently held a competition about our ‘Stress Bucket’. The winner was Year 7 student, MW, who won a £5 voucher for this brilliant effort!

What could you do today to help empty your stress bucket?