Reminder about Polling Day Closure

clipart image of a brown ballot box, with a white envelope being posted

Just a reminder here will be an unavoidable closure day on the 12th of December as Danesgate is being used as a polling station in the general election.

We do apologise for this inconvenience however we have no option but to close for safeguarding reasons when the school building is open to the public as it is on election days.

If your son or daughter attends Ad Astra (Woodland Project) or Toolbox or Tang Hall Smart (Music) on a Thursday then they will have a normal attendance at these classes which will be running.

Our Kestrel groups which are based on mainstream school sites will run as normal on 12.12 unless the school they are based in is also being used as a polling station. Kestrel staff will confirm this to parents once they have this information. .