A Visit to the Farmer’s Cart

The students in Mrs. Graham’s group went on a visit to “Farmer’s Cart” as a result of earning 50 trip points for excellent behaviour and work and studying an Opening Minds topic on “Animals”. The day was great fun and the group were pleasantly surprised with the facilities at the farm. They were able to feed and handle the animals. A particular favourite was the baby guinea pigs and the tortoise  – it was really difficult to drag ourselves away.

We went into the Maternity unit to see the new born piglets, they were so cute especially compared to the fully grown boars!  We then went off to feed the ponies and donkeys .Then we spotted the enormous trampoline which proved irresistible to students and staff. Exhausted, we tried the crazy golf but then noticed the pedalled go-carts. They were even harder work (for the staff!!). Races were won and lost and skills were on show – as well as a great photo opportunity.  Feeling pretty hungry we made our way to the Farmers Cart cafe. There was lots of healthy food to choose from but we needed the calories.  One student commented:

I didn’t know farms were like this, this is mint.

It certainly was a highlight of our year and we still reminisce every day.