News from a former student

One of our former students recently got in touch with Phil Taylor, to say thanks to him and the other Danesgate staff for helping them to get a college place.  They also wanted to let us know that they have just received 5 offers of places from universities, two of which are unconditional!  The student was kind enough to give us permission to share their words here on our website.

I used to attend Danesgate throughout the course of my GCSE’s, there I found the staff to be warm and friendly, always trying their best to cater to my condition. They focused on me as an individual and on my potential rather than treating me as a statistic and were always there to reassure me when I lost faith in my own abilities. My lessons were at my home making for a more comfortable environment and were always fun as well as being educational which reduced my anxiety around working. Staff were also resourceful in catering to my individual needs and never seemed frustrated when I was unable to do anything.

I also received a huge amount of help on progressing to further education with Danesgate organising meetings for me and taking me on tours, nothing ever seemed to be too much trouble for them. This meant that I felt much less afraid about moving on and felt prepared for the next step I needed to take. The education I received also set me in good stead for my A levels so I was fully prepared and capable of managing the workload that comes with them.

I used to also attend Animal Care classes which were amazingly therapeutic and did wonders for my mental health. I find there are very few places that provide such courses focused as much on the students wellbeing as the actual activity involved. I found spending time around the rabbits made my general mood much better.

The students I met at Danesgate were also very friendly and non judgemental with me, there was a general attitude of acceptance of each other among my peers so I always felt comfortable with them. The staff also encouraged this attitude and had an excellent working relationship with the students maintaining control but in a relaxed manner so there was never any stress or unpleasant atmosphere.

Overall in my recovery I owe a great deal to Danesgate for accepting me as who I am and gently encouraging me to fulfil my potential, not only did they provide academic help but also personal support far and beyond their job description. IWB, former Danesgate student

It is always wonderful to hear about the achievements of members of the Danesgate community as they make their way in the world.  Many congratulations to this particular student on their success, and we wish them every success in their continuing studies and for the future!