Operation Liberate

A message for parents that North Yorkshire Police are distributing to all schools in the city this term:

With holidays approaching the Police are asking all schools to remind parents of the importance of knowing where their child is during the school holidays, who they are with and what they are doing. The Police have asked schools to send out the following information about a summer programme that will be operating around York and North Yorkshire. OPERATION LIBERATE is a multi agency initiative involving; the Youth Offending (YOT), North Yorkshire Police (NYP), Lifeline, NHS and other organisations. This operation will occur every Friday and Saturday night with the dual objectives of robustly dealing with anti social behaviour whilst at the same time providing support to vulnerable young people. The operation will consist of high visibility police patrols in areas where ASB is frequently reported. The patrols will proactively target young people who are believed to be drinking alcohol, misusing drugs or committing other forms of ASB. The police team will seek to identify any vulnerable young people who may be engaging in activities that are detrimental to their health and well being. Any young people identified by the Police team as vulnerable will be escorted by the Police to a designated place of safety; this will be the Jack Raine Foundation, Enterprise Complex, Walmgate who are providing support and assistance with this initiative. Upon arrival at the place of safety young people will be offered support and advice from representatives of YOT, Lifeline, NHS and other agencies supporting this operation. Once at the place of safety parents, carers or guardians will be contacted and requested to attend the place of safety to collect the young person. Whilst at the place of safety suitable advice and support regards right life choices, healthy relationships and advice regarding other events open to them during the school holidays will be offered.North Yorkshire Police, June 2015