Parental Information, in the event of any school closure

Covid-19 Response Plan
Advice and guidance for Parents and Carers

In the event of partial closure due to significant staff absence or closure of community venues:

  • First we would cancel off-site tuition in community based settings such as public libraries and cafes and the home. We are looking at alternative venues for those priority students who have off-site or home based tuition currently. We hope these will be Local Authority venues that we can privately book and which have access to the required hygiene materials and protocols. Other students who are normally taught off site will be given work packs and have access to e-learning.
  • Second we would go for a partial closure that involves sending home one or more year groups and re-timetabling teachers accordingly. This closure is likely to affect year 7, 8, 9 and 10; we will try to retain Y11 (year 11 repeat students) and our primary students as a priority in this circumstance. All other pupils will receive work to do at home.
  • Staff are preparing work packs for all students they teach and packs will be co-ordinated by the Key Worker for that student. In the event of a partial closure we are hoping to use our fleet drivers to run the packs to students’ homes over the course of the next few days.

In the event of a full closure due to Government direction or large staff absence

  • This is likely to be directed by government and apply to all schools. However, if the number of staff who can come into school is too low then we would have to make a decision to close for safety reasons. We are asking teaching staff to be setting suitable work for all their students. They will also be expected to be available to Y11 for subject specific advice and support via email. Depending on the government direction it may be that some staff will work in school.
  • For staff who are sick with symptoms there is no expectation that they will work.
  • Exam arrangements for Year 11 – this is dependent on national decisions. At the moment there are no changes to the plans for GCSE examinations.

Providing work for students not attending school – this will be coordinated by Key Workers.

  • Contact and planning by Key Workers will be made to parents/carers.
  • Staff will prepare easy access work packs. There is a huge amount of resources being shared on social media.
  • Skills staff/practical subjects: will set work that can be portfolio focused and possibly done at home. Specialist equipment may be loaned from the school such as Art and Graphics stationery as well as paper/pens etc.
  • Staff are to remain in communication with parents/carers and students via email, text or mobile.
  • With year 11, repeat year 11 and students sitting exams this summer season being a priority; past papers, revision and exam support will be made available.
  • Where appropriate staff can use live chat platforms to speak to and support students learning; please make sure that this has been agreed with parent/carers and a member of SLT:
    • FaceTime can be used if staff have a work phone
    • Skype business is available for live chat on our secure school network.

Please keep checking our website and your emails for regular updates and guidance.

Here are some links to support materials on line from various resource sites you may find useful:

  • – free classic books to listen to or read
  • https://classroomsecrets – pack for every primary year
  • an English teacher that talks through every English Literature text and both English Language papers – he both tells you how to answer the questions and analyses the texts.

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