Timetable changes around exam time

Parents and carers of students in KS3 should all have received a letter explaining how we have had to make some changes to timings on the days when really big exams are scheduled. A lot of Y10s will actually be in the exams so they are already catered for but for some Y10s there will also be a knock on effect to their timetables on these busy

Sessions at Rossmoor Grange, Ad Astra, Toolbox or Rockschool are not affected by the exam season and will run as normal.

Key workers will ring parents/carers direct to explain changes that we have had to make to any timetables; unfortunately there are some days when it is just not possible for us to accommodate all the Y11s who need to sit an examination at once as well as all the KS3 and Y10 pupils.  Lessons will run on these days but at slightly different times for secondary aged pupils.

We are very sorry to have to do this as we recognise it is very disruptive but I hope you will appreciate that we have no control over the timings of public examinations and we take a huge amount of care to make the exam experience as positive as possible for all students involved.