Up-date for parents and carers as at 10am on 19.3.20

Hello. Thank you to everyone – parents, pupils and staff for their on-going support in these difficult times.  The situation is developing on a daily basis but all parents and carers will be getting a phone call from us today and a letter in the post to follow. 

Based on the Government announcement yesterday we are expecting to be open for pupils with EHCPs and those pupils who have an allocated social worker. We will also be trying to stay open for primary aged pupils whose parents are on the essential key workers list. We will be closed to all other pupils who will get work packs dropped home, on line resources and regular email contact with staff (unless staff are off work ill).

Despite our efforts to try to stay open we may continue to lose staff.  We are no different to any other organisation in terms of staff having to be off themselves – for self-isolation, because they are in a vulnerable health group or because of their own children being off school.  So we do need to keep in close partnership with parents to amend timetables as we go on a week by week basis.

We are working on a plan to provide a hot lunch every day for all pupils who are in school.  We are trying to find out how we help parents of pupils who are eligible for free school meals to get this if their son or daughter is not in the group of pupils who is attending with us.

GCSEs  – we are going to continue to teach to the syllabus as it is not clear at this stage how the exam boards will collect information to decide on final grades so the more information we have the better.

Best wishes to everyone and thank you for your on-going support.

Tricia Head