School Council Meeting minutes 9/11/16

Attendees: Cath Norris, Sarah Foster, BJE, HH, JH, LM, EW.

Apologies: LB

Acts of Kindness

The Council discussed the possibility of doing some acts of kindness in the period leading up to Christmas. It was agreed:

  • We would like to invite the residents of Fulford Cross to our annual Christmas Fair.
  • EW and LB will design the invitations.
  • When we deliver the invitations we would like to give each of the residents a small gift of a plant as our act of kindness to the local community:
  • LM to cost up plant options, peace lily, miniature roses, petunia.
  • Plants to be made into gift items. To be discussed at the next meeting.
  • It was agreed that we would consider doing some planters for Fulford Green and for around the school:
    • BJE to ask dad about making some for us
    • LM and Mrs Foster to measure up

Design a Christmas Card Competition

  • It was agreed to have a competition to design a Christmas card
  • BJE and HH to design a poster (Christmas card design ideas to be submitted by 24th November )
  • Mrs Foster to order some white card

School Council

  • LM to design some posters to inform everyone about the School Council

Year Book

  • Mrs Foster to find out about Yearbooks for the next meeting

New Ideas

All members of the School Council to think of new ideas for the next meeting

Date of next meeting Tuesday 29th November 2016,11.30