Management Committee

The Management Committee fulfils both a strategic and an advisory role, in addition to having statutory responsibility for certain specific functions or tasks.  They are actively involved in most decision-making to ensure that Danesgate is run effectively and that we provide a suitable education our for learners.  Committee members will be from one of a number of categories including community members, parent members, staff members, and local authority members.  Local Authority Committee Members are nominated by the Executive Member at the council and appointed by the Management Committee and community members are appointed by the Management Committee.  Initial contact for the Management Committee should go through the school.

In 2017 we adopted a new model of Governance at Danesgate and will be holding monthly Full Management Committee meetings, each with a specific focus.  The Management Committee may appoint associate members to serve on the committee; such members may have voting rights only as determined by the Management Committee and within the terms of the School Governance Roles, Procedures and Allowances Regulations 2013.  In addition the committee may also informally invite one or two people, on a non-voting basis, to provide specialist support.

Management Committee Membership

Member's NameCategory of MemberAppointing BodyTerm of OfficeCommittee MembershipAdditional Responsibilities
Mr Mark RichardsonHeadteacherIn post by virtue
of their office (ex-officio)
25/05/2020 onwards
Mr Peter WhelanLocal AuthorityNominated by LA and appointed by Management Committee17/09/2020 to 16/09/2024Headteachers’ Performance Management CommitteeChair
Dr Adrian KybettCommunityMgt Committee28/09/2019 to 27/09/2023Pay Committee
Dr Poppy NashCommunityMgt Committee04/12/2018 to 03/12/2022Pay CommitteeSEN Committee Member
Mr Paul GuilfoyleCommunityMgt Committee23/11/2017 to 22/11/2021Pay Committee
Dr Sophie BrigstockeCommunityMgt Committee24/01/2019 to 23/01/2023
Mr Andy LeachCommunityMgt Committee19/06/2017 to 18/06/2021
Miss Helen YoungStaffStaff body25/10/2018 to 24/10/2022
Mr John HartLocal AuthorityMgt Committee18/07/2019 to 17/07/2023Headteachers' Performance Management CommitteeHealth and Safety Link Committee Member
Ms Sophie WilsonParentParent Body02/12/2019 to 01/12/2023Headteachers' Performance Management CommitteeVice-Chair
Safeguarding Committee Member
Mr Ian DolbenCommunityMgt Committee21/05/2020 to 20/05/2024
Ms Janet EdgarClerkCity of York
Governance Services
06/01/2020 onwards
VacancyCommunityMgt Committee
VacancyCommunityMgt Committee

Former Members of the Management Committee

The following are former members of the Management Committee who have stepped down in the past year.

Member's NameCategory of MemberAppointing BodyTerm of OfficeCommittee MembershipAdditional Responsibilities
Mrs Tricia HeadHeadteacherEx-officio by virtue of the office19/04/2010 - 04/20

Register of Interests

The Management Committee maintains a register of relevant interests for current members and those who have served on the Committee in the past 12 months. Please click here to view this.

Management Committee Meeting Attendance

Attendance registers for 2018-2019

Attendance Registers for 2017-2018

Click here to view committee attendance for 2015-2017