Management Committee Registers – Previous Years

Attendance registers for 2018-2019

Attendance Registers for 2017-2018

2016-2017 Meeting Attendance

(p = present, a = apologies, r = resigned, na = absent with no apologies, x = not a governor at this time)

Full Management Committee26/09/201612/12/2016Ex-Ord 05/01/2017 20/03/201719/06/2017
Tricia HeadHeadteacherPPPPP
Cath Norris (resigned 26/07/2017)Staff Member (Deputy Headteacher)PPP*PP
Paul Guilfoyle (Chair)LA MemberPPPPP
Sarah ClarkeLA Member (Head of Virtual School)NAPPPA
Marie O'HaraParent MemberPPAAA
Carol Redmond (resigned 06/07/2017)Community MemberANAPPA
Poppy NashCommunity MemberPPPAA
Lewis GellCommunity MemberPPAPNA
Dan BodeyCommunity MemberPAPPP
Adrian KybettCommunity Member PPPPP
Andy LeachCommunity MemberPPPPP
Andy Patchett (resigned 26/07/2017)Community MemberNANANANANA
Samantha StockillAppointed Associate Member XPPPA
Chris NicholsAssistant Headteacher, AchievementPPAPP
Pastoral Committee15/11/201607/03/201706/07/2017
Cath NorrisStaff Member (Deputy HT)PPP
Carol RedmondCommunity MemberAPA
Andy PatchettCommunity MemberAANA
Poppy Nash (Chair)Community MemberAPP
Marie O'Hara (left this Cttee in April)Parent MemberPA
Sarah ClarkeLA Member (HT Virtual School)PPA
Tricia HeadHeadteacherAAP
Staffing and Finance Committee05/10/201606/12/201722/03/201726/04/201705/07/2017
Paul Guilfoyle (Chair)LA MemberPPPPP
Tricia HeadHeadteacherPPPPP
Adrian KybettCommunity MemberPPPPP
Lewis GellCommunity MemberPPPANA
Cath NorrisStaff Member (Dept HT)APAAA
Mel ShepherdHeadteacher's PA / SBMPPPPP
Sue KeebleSchool BursarAPPPP
Curriculum Committee13/12/201607/02/201725/04/201706/06/201718/07/2017
Dan Bodey (Chair)Community MemberPPPPP
Tricia HeadHeadteacherPPPPA
Andy LeachCommunity MemberPPPPP
Marie O'HaraParentAPPPA
Paul GuilfoyleLA MemberAAAAA
Chris NichollsAssistant Headteacher (Achievement)PPPPP
Safer School Committee14/06/2017
Cath NorrisStaff MemberP
Paul Guilfoyle (Chair)LA MemberP
Tricia HeadHeadteacherP
Dan BodeyCommunity MemberP
Melanie ShepherdSBMP
Deb MalhamStaff Representative on Health & Safetyp

*nb Cath Norris was technically ‘in attendance’ for this meeting due to her Term of Office Ending)

2015-2016 Meeting Attendance

FULL COMMITTEE28/09/201507/12/201514/03/201620/06/2016
Tricia HeadHeadteacherPPPP
Cath NorrisStaff Member (Deputy Headteacher)PPPP
Paul Guilfoyle (CHAIR)LA MemberPPPP
Marie O'HaraParent Member (TBC)PAPP
Carol RedmondCommunity MemberPAPN
Andrew ButteryCommunity MemberAAAN
Poppy NashCommunity MemberPPPP
Lewis GellCommunity MemberPPPA
Dan BodeyCommunity MemberPPPP
Adrian KybettCommunity Member (TBC)PPPP
Andy LeachCommunity MemberAAPP
Andy PatchettCommunity MemberAAAP
Bethan CotterAppointed Associate MemberAPPR
Chris NicholsAssistant Headteacher, AchievementP??P
Sarah ClarkeAssistant Headteacher, Virtual SchoolPPPP
PASTORAL COMMITTEE17/11/201608/03/201605/07/2016
Cath NorrisStaff Member (Deputy HT)PPP
Carol RedmondCommunity MemberPAP
Andy PatchettCommunity MemberAPA
Poppy Nash (CHAIR)Community MemberPPP
Marie O'Hara (TBC)Parent MemberPAA
Bethan CotterAppt Associate MemberPn/an/a
Tricia HeadHeadteacherAAA
Sarah ClarkeAsst HT Virtual SchoolAPA
STAFFING&FINANCE COMMITTEE07/10/201525/11/201520/01/201609/03/201627/04/201614/07/2016
Paul Guilfoyle (CHAIR)LA MemberPPPPPP
Tricia HeadHeadteacherPPPPPP
Adrian KybettCommunity MemberPPPPPP
Lewis GellCommunity MemberPPPAPP
Cath NorrisStaff Member (Dept HT)AAAAAA
Mel ShepherdHeadteacher's PA / SBMPPPPPP
Sarah RichardsonPeri BursarPPPPPn/a
Sue KeebleSchool Bursarn/an/an/an/an/aP
CURRICULUM COMMITTEE13/10/201515/12/201519/01/201622/03/201603/05/201619/07/2016
Dan Bodey (CHAIR)Community MemberPPPPPP
Tricia HeadHeadteacherPPPPPA
Andy ButteryCommunity MemberAAaAPN
Andy LeachCommunity MemberPPPPPP
Marie O'HaraParentn/aAPAPA
Chris NichollsAssistant Headteacher (Achievement)PPPAPP