Danesgate Primary

Key Stage 1 & 2

Danesgate Primary is comprised of two classes.  We have our own safely enclosed area within the Danesgate site, with two classrooms and outdoor play provision. Primary Class 1 is for children from KS1 and lower KS2, and Primary Class 2 is for KS2 pupils.  We can accommodate up to 7 pupils in each class with 3 members of staff. There is a very high adult/child ratio in both rooms and all the staff are familiar with both classrooms to ensure continuity of provision however staff are placed.  Each room functions on a firm behavioural strategy.  Our children are supervised at all times and each one of them has particular needs.

We provide cross curricular provision for the children and work on half termly topics keeping interest and enthusiasm to learn high.  We use the “Letters and Sounds” scheme for the teaching of phonics.  Everything we do follows the national curriculum but is personalised to serve the individual’s needs.  Taking into account the different year groups and abilities within each class we consistently aim to give our children the experiences they are entitled to and deserve.

Parents and carers have regular contact with us through text messages, phone calls and regular meetings and are welcome to ask for topic overviews if they wish for more information about our curriculum.